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With Marina, you feel and stay motivated!!!


As a trainer, Marina’s best trait is her level of dedication and commitment to each of her clients.

Each client gets her services tailored to their unique needs, everyone from young children to older adults will benefit from her specialized training.

You can expect to improve your general health, increase your energy levels, gain better balance and coordination, increase flexibility and reduce stress, among many other benefits.



Road & Mountain Bike Training

Physical Conditioning

Physical Training

High Performance Athlete Training

Weight Training

Mountain Climbing Training

Senior Citizen Training

Marina will work with you to get the right training with flexible and affordable plans available!!!

Included Services

No Additional Charge

If you want to GET FIT!!! you have to EAT WELL!!!

Weight Loss

Muscle Mass Gain

Better Self-Esteem

Improve Your Balance

Body Fat Reduction Plans

Guard Against Depression

(Marina never uses artificial supplements)

Sport Specific Training
(Swimming, Tennis, High Performance Athletes, etc..)

Improve Elasticity

Gain Self Confidence

Personal Nutrition Plans

Nutrition Plans for Older Adults

One Time Personal Grocery Shopper Service
(Marina will shop with you to show you the ropes)


Se habla español



Additional Services Offered


Preparation and Conditioning for Sporting Events

Wedding Preparation and Training
(Weight Loss and Body Sculpting)

Quinceañera Preparation and Training

About Me:

My name is Marina Streep. I am 43 years old, married and mother of two children.

I love serving others with my experience and by teaching my secrets as a personal trainer.

When it comes to working with my clients, nothing is more important than my core values and principles:
Respect and Integrity underline all interactions with my clients therefore creating a high level of service and highly effective training.

Marina has trained me over the course of 5 years. She is very prepared, dedicated and professional. She has motivated and pushed me to better my physical condition. What I like the most about Marina, is not only the personalized attention she gives to her clients, but also how Marina is always up to date on the latest nutrition and weight training discoveries. She shares them with us, her clients, with enthusiasm. I highly recommend Marina as a trainer to anyone who wants to be strong, healthy and look their very best!

-Laura H.

Marina is an excellent trainer.  I have never had any trainer teach me so much about exercise and nutrition.   I was very impressed when she went grocery shopping with me and taught me what to buy so that I could lose weight. She is great to work with and answers any questions or concerns that I have about my exercise plan.  You can tell that Marina is a trainer that likes what she does. She goes out of her way to help you develop your body.  I highly recommend her!!!

-Josie N.

With Marina, you as a Father, Mother, Husband, Wife, Son or Daughter can feel at ease.

You and your family will receive qualified, respectful and personalized physical training from a professional who is trust-worthy and with a high level of integrity.

-Mirka M.

Contact Me

Marina’s Schedule:

Monday – Wednesday    from 5:00 am
Thursday to Saturday     from 10:00 am
Thursday to Saturday Mornings  –  Bicycling and Hiking

All Services Provided at:       6600 N. Mesa St. Suite 200, El Paso, Tx 79912    –     Inside Fitness 1440

 For availability and appointments

contact Marina at:

(915) 241-7412


Or e-mail her: